Touch and technology: Apple’s watch

I wrote my paper on the sense of touch within modern technology, specifically the touchscreen, and one main aspect of that is the way we’re always touching technology in order to control it without ever being touched back. Although I didn’t have a chance to bring in this example for my paper, Apple’s smartwatch seems to be one exception to this limitation: it’s one of the few pieces of technology that does actually touch us back. The product page advertises its ability to give users a tap on the wrist when it’s time to leave for their next appointment, to remind them to stand when they’ve been sitting too long, or when mail arrives from certain people. The directions feature for the maps app provides more specific information by giving different combinations of taps when the user reaches an intersection depending on whether they need to turn right or left. There is also an interpersonal aspect in the ability to send a specific series of taps to another Apple Watch user.

I’m not sure about all the implications of these sorts of changes or how they will continue to develop, but I definitely think it’s interesting that the sense of touch is being used by technology to convey information in a way that it never really has before.

Touch and technology: Apple’s watch

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