Real L Word’s removal of reality

I wanted to share this Autostraddle article about their conflict with The Real L Word that I came across while researching the show for my presentation. I wasn’t able to fit it into my presentation directly, but basically a character on The Real L Word was involved in an Autostraddle photoshoot as a model and the producers of the show wanted to film it. Despite not being the biggest fans of the show, Autostraddle agreed to allow the filming on the condition that they were credited in the show, but Showtime proceeded to remove any mention of Autostraddle before it aired. It seems like there is something exceptionally ironic in the way a reality television show has gone out of its way to remove reality from its content and obscure the name of a website. It also reminds me of the discussion about how reality television defuse the impulse for action, since the removal also removes a link between watching the show and accessing a website with political content that might lead to further action.

Real L Word’s removal of reality

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